Examples of Biomimicry

Nowadays we face many problems in trying to develop sustainable technologies. This has led to the field of biomimicry, where we learn from systems that have evolved to suit perfectly their environments. Biomimicry is basically biologically inspired engineering. Below you will see just a few examples of Biomimicry including Velcro, … Read more

What Is Biomimicry?

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution in 1859, though most of us believe the process of evolution to be millions of years older than antiquity. Natural selection has been carefully refining living organisms to ensure that the ones which still live today have intricately adapted to suit their surrounding … Read more

Complementary Currency and Its Importance Within Communities

A Fiat currency system is where currency is both created is dispensed by one, designated authority. This is much like normal, national currencies. Complementary Currency has many goals, but at its heart are that of both job creation and the sustainable development of communities. For this to work, the wealth, … Read more